July 19, 2023

Regional meeting for further project planning

The Regional meeting for further project planning: Development of methodologies for trainings need analysis (TNA) questionnaire implementation and development of training programmes for external evaluators, organized within the EQET SEE project (Quality Assurance component) took place on 18th and 19th July 2023 in Chisinau, Moldova.

Overall objectives of this meeting were to reflect on the status of EQET SEE project, look into the activities ahead and make realistic plans and timeline for their implementation. During the meeting the following activities were discussed (1) implementation of the TNA questionnaire on regional and national levels (2) methodology of development of training programmes (3) implementation of training programmes on regional and national level, (4) finalization of the publication Best European practices in the implementation of the external evaluation methodologies and its integration into national systems, (5) piloting the products and results of the project (for e.g., the new skills gained through trainings in external evaluation piloting exercise) and (6) cooperation with VET component of the project.

The meeting was attended by the EQET SEE National Coordination Points (NCPs) from six economies: Ms Teuta Cobaj and Ms Etleva Kaculi (AL), Ms Biljana Popović (BA), Ms Vesna Babović and Mr Ivan Marković (ME), Ms Elena Petrov (MD), Ms Ardijana Isahi Palloshi (MK), Ms Gordana Čaprić (RS), as well as Ms Valentina Gočevska (MK), Advisor in the Bureau for Development of Education – important partner in implementation of the upcoming activities in Norh Macedonia, and ERI SEE representatives: Ms Tina Šarić (EQET SEE Project Manager) and Ms Milica Grahovac (EQET SEE Sector Project Coordinator).

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