May 18, 2024

Regional Training for External Evaluators

From May 14th to 17th, 2024, the Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe (ERI SEE) hosted a Regional Training Programme for External Evaluators in Durrës, Albania. This training was part of the project “Enhancements in the Quality of Education and Training in SEE – EQET SEE,” co-funded by the Austrian Development Agency. The event featured 37 live participants and two online attendees from various educational institutions relevant for quality assurance and external evaluation across the region.

The program aimed to enhance the skills, knowledge and competences of external evaluators in South Eastern Europe. Over four days, participants engaged in modules covering the nature and purpose of external evaluations, data collection and analysis, leadership and management, and effective communication and reporting. The sessions included lectures, group work and discussions, role-play activities, report simulations, presentations, self-assessment and others. The participants will disseminate their knowledge, skills and competences to their colleagues in their respective economies by organizing subsequent national training sessions, based on the regional training and material.

The training was run by Rosa Celeste de Almeida Micaelo and Isabel Maria Borges Furtado Dias Barata from Inspeção-Geral da Educação e Ciência and was visited by the representatives of the Austrian Development Agency.

The Agenda of the training can be found here. The training lasted 4 days and bellow you can find the training materials for each day:
Day 1, Day 2 ,Day 3, Day 4.

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