December 2, 2022

Regional preparatory meeting for analysis of QA Methodologies

The Preparatory meeting for the analysis of QA methodologies was organized by the ERI SEE Secretariat on 02.12.2022. online, to present and discuss the currently used quality assurance frameworks, indicators, checklists and methodologies across the South Eastern Europe region and Moldova.

The goals of the meeting were to identify common areas and areas of difference, as well as the needs for improvements, and to discuss approach and action plan at regional level for the modification of the methodologies and tools to support quality culture. At this meeting the question of cooperation between two components of the EQET SEE project Quality Assurance (QA) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) and practices in quality assurance of VET and work-based learning was raised.

Attendees of the meeting were the National Coordination Points (NCPs) of the EQET SEE project, QA component: Ms Teuta Cobaj (AL), Ms Etleva Kaculi (AL), Ms Biljana Popovic (BA), Ms Valbona Fatiu Mjeku (XK*), Mr Milot Hasangjekaj (XK*), Ms Vesna Babović (ME), Mr Ivan Marković (ME), Ms Elena Petrov (MD), Ms Ardijana Isahi Palloshi (MK), Ms Gordana Capric (RS), ERI SEE Director Ms Tina Šarić, Sector Project Coordinator Ms Milica Grahovac, external expert for QA Mr Herman Franssen, as well as several other interested colleagues.

The meeting started with the comparative overview of methodologies for external evaluation in the SEE region and Moldova at the level of quality domains and standards, given by Ms Grahovac. This introductory analysis was followed by the NCPs’ presentations on quality assurance agencies’ processes in each economy, including overview of external evaluation framework, process, character and cross-cutting issues (environmental sustainability, social inclusion, gender equality) checked within the external evaluation. At the last part of the meeting, Ms Šarić presented planning possibilities for regional revision of the quality assurance methodologies which were discussed and agreed with the next steps.

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