• Title: Enhancements in the quality of education and training in SEE SEE – EQET SEE
  • Donor: Austrian Development Agency with funds from Austrian Development Cooperation
  • Budget: 2027399€ out of which ADA Contribution 1815000€ and 212399€ of the ERI SEE cofunding
  • Strategic partners: OeAD and SICI
  • Implementing partners: WB CIFETF and WBA4WBL 
  • Duration: 01 October 2021 – 30 September 2024
  • Managing structure: 

Short project Description

The nhancements in the quality of education and training in SEE – EQET SEE project adresses two topics : increasing the labour market relevance of VET provision (VET strand of the project) and enhancing quality assurance in pre-tertiary education – aspects of external evaluation of institutions (QA strand of the project).

Within the VET strand of the project, the EQET SEE consortium looks at developing regionally based, labour market oriented occupational (OS), qualifications standards (QS) and VET curricula incorporating work-based learning and assuring quality of VET provision through developing supporting measures and material (guidelines for work-based learning, trainings for teachers and company instructors and teaching and learning material). The baseline of the project will be the outputs of the TO REGOS project: A Methodology for the Development of Regionally Based Occupational Standards: defining guiding principles, steps and methods, Feasibility Study on Developing Regionally Based Standards of Qualifications and Methodology for the Developing Regionally-based Standards of Qualifications.

Three years of the project will result in the development of two regionally based occupational standards (OS), 12 national OSs based on based on regional OS, two regionally based qualification standards (QS), 12 national QS based on regional QS and 12 national curricula, nine trainings on the implementation of the new curricula, and over 60 trainers of trainers trained on new curricula at regional level.

Within the QA strand of the project, the EQET SEE works on supporting quality culture at school level, through the revision of QA (external evaluation) methodologies, accompanying instruments and tools, as well as supporting quality culture and internal developments within quality assurance agencies, through regional quality standards for external evaluators, procedures and trainings for quality agencies.

Foreseen project activities will result in strengthened collaboration between schools, QA agencies and other stakeholders, production of regional recommendations on methodology/instruments for external evaluation, in addition to developed regional competence standard for external evaluators, elaborated regional training modules for external evaluators and their delivery, and new guidelines for HR procedures of QA agencies. These new products and approaches will be piloted in a number of schools across the region.

The ERI SEE Study on The Aspects of External Evaluation in General Education: Focus on external evaluators’ initial and continuous trainings and monitoring in South Eastern Europe served as the baseline for the QA component of the EQET SEE project.

The QA component’s activities will directly involve quality assurance agencies in pre-tertiary education, ministries of education, methodology experts, education experts, training experts, external evaluators, a sample of schools, and a sample of teachers and principals.