May 18, 2022

Meeting for a regional standard of competences for external evaluators

Meeting for the development of a regional standard of competences for external evaluators in pre-tertiary education within the project Enhancements in the quality of education and training in SEE – EQET SEE and its Quality Assurance (QA) component was held in Bečići, Montenegro, on 17 and 18 May 2022.

During the two days the Regional Working group, comprising of the EQET SEE National Coordination Points (NCPs) for QA and experts in the matters of competences, competence standards and needs analysis from ministries of education and quality assurance agencies in seven economies: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia, along the ERI SEE representatives and Dutch expert on external evaluation Mr Herman Franssen worked on development of a joint, regional proposal of standard of competences for external evaluators, in line with the proposed methodology and principles, and previously agreed guidelines for optimizing the impact of external evaluation of institutions in the SEE and Moldova.

More than thirty meeting participants discussed and reached a consensus on a competence standard proposal, including external evaluator job description, proposed structure of a standard, and content of its components: Core competences, Professional knowledge, skills and attitudes, Interpersonal communication, Methodology, Leadership and Management and Context.

In the upcoming period, national meetings for the adaptation of the regional standard of competences to national specificities in each of the SEE and Moldovan economies will be organised. Integration of a national standard for external evaluators into the procedures of the QA agencies, methodologies or other relevant document in respective economies is envisaged by the end od 2022.

Development and adoption of the standard of competences is one of the key steps towards the standardization of a profession of external evaluator. Along the external evaluators training needs analysis, training programmes elaboration and implementation, and improvement of human resources management policies planned within the EQET SEE project and its QA component it will lead towards increasing the capacities of quality assurance agencies and external evaluators in the South Eastern Europe and Moldova and creating a more effective, cost efficient and cooperative quality assurance processes in pre-tertiary education.

* This designation is without prejudice to positions on status and is in line with UNCSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.

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